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Coventry Women’s Partnership


In 2017 Smallwood Trust awarded funding of £520,995 to Coventry Women’s Partnership for women who need support in the following areas:

• Education, Training and Routes to Employment
• Confidence Building
• Free Legal Advice including Debt Advice
• Health & Wellbeing Support & Easier Access to Services
• Rape & Sexual Abuse, Accessing Therapeutic Support and Advocacy
• Domestic Violence and Abuse (all forms)
• Pathways to Exiting Prostitution, Homelessness & Drug Addiction
• Staying Safe
• Language Support
• Access to Childcare

This three-year partnership between five Coventry-based women’s organisations aimed to ensure women in the city felt safe and supported. Led by Foleshill Women’s Training (FWT), the partnership encompassed FWT, Coventry Haven Women’s Aid, CRASAC, Coventry Law Centre, Kairos WWT and the Women’s Budget Group. All organisations in Coventry Women’s Partnership represent a unique referral pathway for women who are in need of emotional, practical and economic support and to ultimately ensure local women feel safe, empowered and believed.

E.S* was referred to FWT by her work coach at the job centre to develop her IT skills, CV and apply for jobs. Her story is below…

Before: E.S had multiple support needs relating to a mild learning difficulty, physical health and was in receipt of ‘fit notes’ from her GP which stated she was not fit to work. Her income was only £270 a month from Universal Credit and her rent was £600 a month alongside bills she could not meet. K.S was living in poverty and not eating regularly which impacted her existing health conditions.

After: The Partnership Connector was able to provide E.S with appropriate support to provide her ‘fit notes’ and challenge the work commitments associated with the claim. She was also able to identify what else E.S was entitled to claim and provide evidence of her tenancy agreement and rent payments so the housing benefit could also be claimed as part of her Universal Credit. E.S has seen her income increase by £700 and also attends FWT regularly to develop her IT skills and look for long term work.

*Initials changed

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