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Nanny Solidarity Network

Nanny Solidarity Network is a London based migrant-led, migrant-focussed mutual aid organisation run by nannies, for nannies. They provide free immigration advice, resources, emergency aid, and space for collective action to vulnerable in-home childcare workers throughout the UK without the funds to traditionally access these services.

The Trust awarded a grant of £10,012 through the Women’s Sector Resilience Fund as seed funding to increase capacity and formalise their policy procedures. In addition to this, the funding enabled migrant women working in the informal childcare sector to support one another through the first wave of COVID-19, increase their employment opportunities and altogether expand the Nanny Solidarity Network into a more sustainable organisation.

“In the past month, we have supported nannies who have been forced to work for free by their employers by providing them with alternative accommodation and working with their employers to retrieve unpaid income. We have also secured an office space from which we will be running workshops from May onwards (COVID restrictions allowing). We are hugely grateful to Smallwood for our seed funding and are excited for the next chapter of our organisation.” (Veronica Deutsch, Director)

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