Flexible Response Fund

*** Please note, our funding is open for eligibility forms until the 20th of March. ***

Following dates are:

  • 1st to 20th April
  • 1st to 20th May
  • 1st to 20th June and following months


What support is available?

We can provide funding to help relieve financial needs, and a guiding hand to help you through a tough situation. If you are living on a low income, you might find yourself facing financial difficulty. We understand that sometimes a small amount of money and support can make a big difference, and we welcome applications for funding.

Here are some examples of needs that we have given support for:

The Trust helped Mina who had become ill and was temporarily unable to work. We provided a grant to help pay for the travel costs to her hospital appointments.

Agnieszka was on a zero hour contract and struggling with the cost of fixing her boiler, the Trust was able to provide a grant to contribute towards this cost.

Angela had recently started work and to help with the initial extra costs such as travel and work clothes, the Trust provided a time limited monthly grant which supported her during this phase.

Jane was struggling with increasing debt and the Trust signposted her to a debt charity for support, which helped alleviate her financial burden.


Our experienced Grants Managers will discuss your individual circumstances and need with you after you apply.


Check your eligibility 

There are a few criteria that you must meet in order to be eligible for a grant:

1. You must be in receipt of all eligible benefits to which you are entitled before making an application.

You can use our benefits calculator to check you’re receiving all the benefits you’re entitled to.

Use the benefits calculator


2. The following need to be true:

 I am living on a low income 

 I live alone or only with dependent children

 I have right of residence and am living in the UK

 I am over the age of 18

 I only have limited savings (less than £5,000)

 I can provide evidence of debt less than £16,000 (if you have high levels of debt, as part of our support we may signpost you to specialist debt advice )

 I can provide evidence/documentation of my current financial need


Please note we are NOT able to offer:

  • Financial support for white goods e.g. cookers, washing machines, fridge/fridge freezers etc.
  • Financial support for household items or carpets/flooring
  • Financial support or tuition fees for private education or students (those studying 16 hours or more per week or on a course that is classed as higher education)
  • Financial support if you are entered into an insolvency agreement e.g. bankruptcy, Debt Relief Order (DRO), Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
  • Financial support for bankruptcy fees

All grants awarded, including those in exceptional circumstances, are at the absolute discretion of Trustees. 


If the above statements are true then you may be eligible to apply for a grant. Please click below to complete and submit the grant enquiry form or call us on 0300 365 1886 between 9.30am and 12.30pm, Monday to Friday to speak to a member of our team.

Complete grant enquiry form


See our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information about the grant and answers to common questions.

If you are unsure about your eligibility, have additional questions or need help please call our helpline:

0300 365 1886 

“The grant helped me to get the equipment I needed to start an apprenticeship. I would have never been able to do this without the funding from the Smallwood Trust. I am looking forward to the future now and have a sense of pride and feel valued.”

Smallwood Trust beneficiary