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Women's Resilience Fund

*** Please note, our fund will be open from 10th October 2020. ***

We are currently experiencing a high level of demand. To enable us to assess the enquiries and applications in a timely fashion, the grant form will be open during the following dates :

  • 10th to 20th October 
  • 10th to 20th November 
  • 1st to 20th December and following months

What support is available?

We can provide grants and support for women on low incomes who have specific needs and are struggling to make ends meet or trying to overcome financial problems.

We understand that a small amount of money and support can make a big difference in helping your financial stability, ability to cope with adversity and to maintain your independence. That’s why we can provide a little bit of extra cash and a guiding hand through a tough situation. We will discuss your circumstances with you when you apply.

Please read this guidance and our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before applying. 

There are a few general criteria that you must meet in order to be eligible for a grant:

  •  I am a woman aged 18 or above

  •  I have the right to reside and am living in the UK

  •  I am in receipt of all benefits entitled to (including migrating onto Universal Credit) or have an income below the Minimum Income Standard

  •  I have savings under £2,000

  •  I can provide evidence of debt less than £10,000 (if you have high levels of debt, as part of our support we may signpost you to specialist debt advice )

  •  I can provide evidence/documentation of my current financial need

Our experienced Grants Managers will discuss your individual circumstances and need with you after you apply. All grants awarded, including those in exceptional circumstances, are at the absolute discretion of Trustees. 

This criteria was updated on 17th June 2020.


You must be in receipt of all eligible benefits to which you are entitled before making an application.

You can use our benefits calculator to check you’re receiving all the benefits you’re entitled to.

Use the benefits calculator


We wish our grants to address the following for women in financial need:

  • Sense of financial wellbeing and being able to cope with adversity
  • Ability to manage finances including debt
  • Abiltiy to cope with unexpected expenditure
  • Access to appropriate jobs and skills

Typical life situations where we may be able to award funding:

  • Living on a low income which does not cover basic living needs
  • Reduced income due to redundancy
  • Reduction in working hours
  • Fluctuating income (zero hours contact)
  • Travel to work costs
  • Interview clothes
  • Childcare costs
  • Fleeing domestic abuse
  • Support towards rent or council tax arrears
  • Migration from employment to benefits due to ill health
  • Unexpected occurrence which has caused unplanned expense

We are here to help and in addition to financial support our trained staff may be able to signpost you for support on issues including but not limited to the following:

  • Welfare Benefit issues and queries 
  • Specialist debt advice
  • Other funds you may be eligible to apply for that best fit your needs, for example, when seeking financial support for white goods i.e. cookers, washing machines, fridge/fridge freezers, etc. or support for household items or carpets/flooring.

Please note we are not able to offer:

  • Financial support or tuition fees for private education or students (those studying 16 hours or more per week or on a course that is classed as higher education)
  • Financial support if you are entered into an insolvency agreement e.g. bankruptcy, Debt Relief Order (DRO), Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
  • Financial support for bankruptcy fees


*** Please note, our grants will be open from 10th October 2020 and the grant eligibility form will be available for completion then. ***


In the meantime, see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information about the grant and answers to common questions.

If you are unsure about your eligibility, have additional questions or need help please call our helpline:

0300 365 1886 

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