Why we need your help

1 in 4 women in the UK (that’s 8 million) will retire below the poverty line.

  • Low income in retirement is often linked to earlier low pay or unemployment
  • Persistent and recurring poverty is more likely to involve women
  • Young women make up the majority of people not in employment, education and training

“The grant gave me a sense of financial security and enabled me to buy items without it I could not have bought, e.g. spectacles, replace old desk top, a winter coat and boots etc. I tried to use the money wisely and was grateful for it”

Smallwood Trust beneficiary

Leave a legacy

Our founder, Edith Smallwood, was an extraordinary woman, passionate about helping those less fortunate than herself. She raised the funds that still help hundreds of women today through our programmes.

Legacy gifts have enabled us to support and expand our work. They allow us to be there for women on low incomes and increase the number of women we support.

By leaving a gift in your will to the Smallwood Trust, you too can make a real and lasting difference to women on low incomes and give them a more secure and confident future

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Make a donation

However large or small your gift, it will make a positive difference.


could help an older person who is struggling with their living expenses


could help pay for essential services such as gas, water and electricity


could pay for a woman living in poverty to buy food and clothing


could contribute towards setting up costs of a new home for a woman fleeing domestic violence

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Partner with us

We value partnerships with other organisations that share our mission and values. From time to time we co-fund projects with our partners and establish mutually beneficial working groups and forums.

To find out more about our partnership approach please contact our Chief Executive, Paul Carbury.