Rosa and Smallwood Trust launch Women Thrive Fund

Rosa and Smallwood Trust are thrilled to announce the launch of the Women Thrive Fund for women’s and girls’ organisations in the UK.

With £1.79 million of Tampon Tax money, this partnership fund will give grants of up to £40,000 to organisations supporting women and girls to improve their mental health and wellbeing and/or improve their financial resilience.

“As the UK’s only dedicated funders of the women and girls’ sector, we’re delighted to be working in partnership on the Women Thrive Fund. Together, we aim to reach as many women’s and girls’organisations as possible to ensure they can continue to meet the evolving needs of their communities through 2021 and beyond. As the Covid-19 crisis continues to disproportionately impact women and girls, these organisations have become a lifeline more than ever. We’re expecting to receive a high volume of applications for this fund. Our priority is therefore to fund organisations that support women and girls who miss out the most.”
– Anna Jarvis, Head of Grants at Rosa and Emma Crump, Head of Evaluation at Smallwood Trust.

The fund responds directly to what women’s and girls’ organisations have told us throughout the pandemic: that declining mental health, increased risk of emotional trauma and increased poverty levels are the biggest concerns for women and girls across the UK. Funding is available to spend until December 2022.

Visit the fund page for more information about the Women Thrive Fund, including how to apply, application guidelines and FAQs.

Application details

This programme will fund work supporting the UK’s most vulnerable, disadvantaged and/orunder-represented women and girls to:

  • Improve their mental health and well-being , gaining confidence, tools, skills and support to sustain those improvements; and/or
  • Improve their financial resilience, increasing their routes out of poverty, gaining confidence,tools, skills and support to secure a stable financial future.

We’re particularly looking for proposals from organisations that address the needs of women andgirls who miss out the most, including: Black and minoritised women and girls, disabled women and girls, LGBT+ women and girls, financially vulnerable women and girls, and older women. The Women Thrive Fund is giving grants of up to:

  • £15,000 for organisations with a turnover of £200,000 inclusive
  • £40,000 for organisations with a turnover of £200,001 – £999,999.

Organisations can also apply for an additional 25% of their grant request for work which will strengthen their organisation.

The deadline for applications is 5.00pm on Thursday 25th March. Follow @RosaForWomen and @SmallwoodTrust on Twitter and visit the Rosa and Smallwood Trust websites.

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