Through our work, Smallwood have recognised the importance of shifting power to organisations working with women in order to change the systems that make women’s poverty worse.

We want to support these organisations in their core work and also look to identify and adopt models from other sectors that have the potential to help our mission of tackling the root causes of gendered poverty. 

Current Projects

Women Thrive Fund
With funds from the Tampon Tax Fund, Rosa and Smallwood Trust collaborated to create the Women Thrive Fund. The programme distributed grants of up to £40,000 to grassroots and specialist women’s and girls’ organisations across the UK. The aims of the programme were to enable women and girls to improve their mental health and wellbeing and/or improve their financial resilience.

View article on grants awarded in August 2021 here.
View Case Study on the Fund here.

Women's Sector Resilience Fund Phase 2 (WSRF2)
The WSRF2 is a place-based initiative that has been set up to support local networks of organisations working with and for women, to make changes to systems that cause women’s poverty in their area. It is a place-based approach to systems change.

This fund is now closed and we shall be sharing information on successful networks in July.

Community Grant Partnerships (CGP)
The CGP is a strategic initiative to help us shift power for grant decision making to local community organisations, the majority of which are led by and for women. Smallwood provides a block grant including overhead costs, an operational toolkit and evaluation support to the partner organisation who then award grants to individual women integrated with their specialist support services.

View CGP article with the Halo Project here.

Plans for the future

Future opportunities will be shared on this website and on our Twitter in due course.