What is the fund?

Women who are at the lower end of the labour market are carrying the heavier burden of poverty in our society.  Some of these issues are entrenched and structural, therefore to truly meet our mission, we must also consider supporting and partnering with organisations that have the potential to influence national and local government policy. This would be a long term approach but we believe could have the potential to impact on thousands of women.
We will fund and commission work from a small selection of third sector organisations to support work that meets our mission. Examples could include (not exhaustive):

  • Funding research into the impact of poverty on women and recommending how their lives could be improved by practical or policy interventions
  • Funding advocacy and evidence-based projects that enable women to improve their financial resilience
  • Policy work that strengthens the voice of women on issues relating to financial exclusion, including involving women on low incomes in the evaluation of policy and initiatives that affect their lives

Through this fund, we are taking a pro-active approach to our grant-making and applications are by invitation only.