Case study


InSpire at St Peters works to build the confidence, life skills and aspirations of Walworth residents so that families and individuals in the local area can thrive.

The Trust awarded a grant of £105,000 over 3 years towards InSpire’s advocacy-based parenting programme predominantly for younger parents aged 21 and under who require practical support and training. InSpire was able to provide immediate solutions to many young mothers experiencing financial hardship.

Rebecca, a 20-year-old single mum, was referred to the parenting programme by Children’s Services Early Intervention Team. Her story is below:

Before: Rebecca was living in a one-bedroom flat with her one-month-old baby. She had recently fled from domestic violence and knew no one in Southwark; she had no furniture or support and desperately wanted to get back into education.

After: InSpire was able to award Rebecca with a grant to buy essential furniture, mobile phone, and new clothes. She has also been supported to apply for the correct benefits and how to budget with limited finances. Inspire helped Rebecca access education with onsite childcare so she can fully engage with her studies, and she is now in touch with community services for new mums and their babies. Now, Rebecca is feeling extremely positive about the future and InSpire will continue working with her until all issues have been resolved.

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