Strategic Plan 2022 – 2024


Our 2022-2024 Strategic Plan follows our response to the COVID-19 crisis and it has also been influenced by the past five years of the Trust supporting a growing ‘eco-system’ of funding to individuals, organisations and policy and influencing activities. To achieve our ambitions, we are continuing to invest in our people and infrastructure to support and work alongside communities to develop workable models that improve economic and social outcomes for women.

Our Strategic Plan outlines our mission to finding solutions to the root causes of gendered poverty so that:
1. UK women are free from poverty and have a sustainable and secure financial future
2. Future generations of UK women are less likely to live in poverty
3. UK women can live in a society that equally values their contribution

Smallwood strives to achieve these key objectives:

Strategic Plan 2022-2024

You can download our strategic plan using this link:

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