Coventry Women’s Partnership

The Coventry Women’s Partnership first came together in 2018 and have reached over 1,500 women. The Partnership was initially set up to take a place-based approach in response to poor economic outcomes for women in Coventry, and the need to join up women’s sector organisations and enable seamless referrals. Working together since the pilot, the Coventry-based organisations collaborate to provide a holistic, joined up, and needs-led service for women in the area. Their collective aim is to coordinate the partner’s work to improve referrals, ensure the needs of women are understood and matched up to the appropriate services and to improve the retention of women once they engage.

Together they continue to understand their routes for local systems change for women in and around the city including their campaign that a Cabinet Member for Women is a much-needed strategic requirement to scrutinise policies, processes, and services across the local authority with a clear gender informed perspective.

The five delivery partners, all based in Coventry are:

  • Foleshill Women’s Training (FWT) provide women only education, training, healthcare and employment support services. FWT is the lead partner in the Partnership and has a designated Partnership Manager within the organisation.
  • Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre (CRASAC) provide specialist support for adults and children who have been impacted by sexual abuse in their lives. They also offer pre-therapy support for women on waiting lists for services.
  • Kairos WWT (Women Working Together) give support to and advocate for women who are vulnerable to sexual exploitation, as well as providing the housing service ‘A Home of Her Own’.
  • Coventry Haven Women’s Aid (Coventry Haven) give specialist support to victims of domestic violence and abuse including providing safe accommodation.
  • Central England Law Centre – Coventry (CELC) provide specialist legal advice to those most in need and use legal processes to fight inequality. Their role in the partnership is focused on legal support for issues that primarily impact women.

Programme duration: July 2017 – August 2025

Funded by: Smallwood Trust

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