Grants to Individuals

To help us respond more immediately and effectively to women who need support the most, we are adopting a more targeted approach to our grants to individuals programme in alignment with our new Strategic Plan

Grants to Individuals Programme

As part of our continued plan to transform our grant-making to be community led, the Smallwood Trust Grants to Individuals programme will focus on continued work with our Community Grant Partners. Our Community Grant Partnerships (CGPs) are strategic partnerships that help us shift power for grant making decisions to local community organisations, the majority of which are led by and for women.

Through our work to date we have seen that collaborative working can have a greater impact on supporting women experiencing poverty. Therefore, we will continue to award individual grants through our cohort of c.30 Community Grant Partners.

If you are in financial need, here are a range of links which may help you:

The Turn2Us Grant Search can help you to find funds based on your circumstances or experience.

The Turn2Us Benefits Calculator is a free and confidential tool which will help you to find out what benefits you are entitled to claim.

StepChange can give free debt advice and help with budgeting.

The Lightning Application Portal is a secure online portal which allows you to find and apply for support from multiple providers, quickly and easily.

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