We aim to systematically monitor our different activities, evaluate our different grant programmes, and learn from this to refine our funding strategy and improve our grant programmes. Through our work we wish to better understand how and where grant funding can improve the financial resilience of women so that women on low incomes are:

  • More confident and better equipped to respond to financial adversity
  • Thinking more positively about their future
  • Are recruited into or create their own jobs paying at least the living wage
  • Improving their functional, vocational and communication skills
  • More able to manage their money and debt
  • Reporting improved social and emotional well-being

We will support and work collaboratively with grant recipients to improve our impact measurement so we can understand: 

  • What changes have our funding programmes made to beneficiaries?
  • Do our programmes effectively deliver on our objectives and outcomes?
  • How well aligned are our activities, workplan, strategy, objectives and understanding of the situation?

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