Alternative Women’s Economy (AWE)

Applications closed

The AWE is a pilot project to facilitate and develop a Greater Manchester Women’s Media Hub (GMWMH) where marginalised, poor, working class, Black and Minority Ethnic women from the Manchester Women’s Network tell their stories; articulating structural inequality and illuminating where and how policy needs to be remedied, building a bank of solutions and key messages, thus developing a media hub that can confidently work with journalists to reach opinion-formers and policymakers.

The Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) and the Manchester Women’s Network (MWN) work collaboratively to ensure the voices of marginalised women are heard. Through their lived experience, marginalised women are experts by experience; they know what’s wrong and have the solutions to how society can work more equitably, but they are largely invisible to opinion-formers and policymakers.

Together they will co-produce key messages in identifying and addressing the root causes of gendered and racialised poverty.

Programme Duration: January 2023-September 2025

Funded by: Smallwood Trust

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