Unmasking Gendered Poverty Episode 2: Kezia Jackson-Harman and Faye Pettitt

Smallwood is delighted to present the second episode of Unmasking Gendered Poverty,
hosted by Rutendo Ngwena. Each episode of this podcast will shed light on the complexities
of gendered poverty and share insights gained from our 136 years of experience supporting
women facing financial insecurity.

In this episode, we are joined by Kezia Jackson-Harman– Senior Project Manager, Renaisi
and Faye Pettitt – Coventry Women’s Partnership Manager.

Our guests will be helping us explore how to tackle gendered poverty at local level through
the place-based systems change model. Renaisi has been Smallwood Trust’s learning
partner in our place-based work for more than a year now, and Coventry Women’s
Partnerships is the first place-based network which Smallwood funded six years ago. Kezia
will be sharing insights gained as our learning partner in our place-based work, whilst Faye
shares what their partnership has learnt in implementing this approach in their work.

You can listen to Episode 2 on SpotifyAcastApple PodcastsAmazon Music or at the top of this page.

We will be sharing some additional resources later in the week on place-based systems
change on our learning page for your further reading.

If you’d like to share your responses to this episode or supporting resources, you can continue the conversation with Rutendo at RutendoNgwena@smallwoodtrust.org.uk.

Unmasking Gendered Poverty is an extension of the Gendered Poverty Learning
Programme, funded by The National Lottery Community Fund.

This initiative represents Smallwood’s dedication to understanding and addressing the root
causes of gendered poverty. This programme shifts our focus to understanding the process
of change alongside tangible outcomes. By doing so, Smallwood Trust aims to derive
actionable learnings and best practices that can positively impact the women’s sector on
various levels. Moreover, it empowers our grant partners to confront local systems of
injustice and create lasting change for women in their communities.

You can find all released podcast episodes on our ‘Learning Journey’ page, a dedicated
platform for sharing what we have learnt in our efforts to tackle gendered poverty alongside
our partners on the frontline.

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