Women of Wythenshawe (WoW)

Women of Wythenshawe (WoW) aims to bring women together from different backgrounds, focusing on shared goals and the place that they have in common to achieve better outcomes. The network aims to achieve as rich and broad a diversity of members as possible including a range of ages, ethnic backgrounds, and different kinds of experiences.

After witnessing a gradual breakdown in community relations and trust between people and across neighbourhoods in Wythenshawe over the past twenty years. The network seeks to bring low-income women into dialogue with each other and identify critical challenges that are holding them in poverty. The group will prioritise issues that are acute or cross-cutting, and co-produce solutions with professionals with access to the power and relationships that low-income women need to achieve lasting change. 

WoW’s approach will be driven from the bottom up through the process of dialogue, peer exchange, confidence building, leadership development and enabling. Network partners recognise that women’s voices and experience are critical to long-term success in reducing gendered poverty and improving wellbeing among low-income women in Wythenshawe.

Programme duration: September 2022 – August 2025

Funded by: Smallwood Trust

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