Final Report: Women’s Sector Resilience Fund

We are pleased to release our latest report on the Women’s Sector Resilience Fund supported with funding from DCMS.

We will provide further information on Phase 2 of the Fund over the summer.

You can view our Final Report on the DCMS funding here.

The fund was created as an emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic to help women’s sector organisations survive and continue providing vital services.

The analysis reveals that 41,000 women have been supported through these grants, with a total of £2m being awarded since November 2020. In total, 83 grants were awarded with 73% of these organisations being women-led.

Paul Carbury, Chief Executive of the Smallwood Trust, said: “This report highlights the importance of the women’s sector and how the funding helped their response to the pandemic during such a difficult time for frontline organisations and their beneficiaries. We are building on our learning from the emergency phase and aim to launch additional programmes this year for longer-term funding.”

For more detailed statistics on the Women’s Sector Resilience Fund please click here.

Our previous COVID-19 analysis can be viewed here.

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