Our Programmes

With the support of external partners, Smallwood funds programmes led by-and-for specialist organisations that meet the immediate needs of women facing financial insecurity and increasingly focus on tackling the systems that cause gendered poverty. 

The purpose of the programme is to work with grassroots organisations in Newham and Hackney who are supporting refugee and migrant women with unmet needs (especially those experiencing further intersectional challenges e.g., LGBTQ+, disability, caring duties, DV, minimal English, minimal formal education, insecure/unregulated work (such as domestic or sex work). Ideally, this work will strengthen […]
 The fund will support organisations providing frontline services for women to manage the impact of the cost-of-living crisis.  Provide emergency funding for organisations delivering frontline services and is led by, for and/or serving women enabling them to respond to the spike in demand of priority basic needs from women who are most at risk of […]
This award winning programme is a strategic initiative that helps us to shift power for grant decision-making to local community organisations, the majority of which are led by and for women. Smallwood provides the funds, support and an operational toolkit to help local community-led groups to provide immediate financial support through individual grants. Local partners […]
The AWE is a pilot project to facilitate and develop a Greater Manchester Women’s Media Hub (GMWMH) where marginalised, poor, working class, Black and Minority Ethnic women from the Manchester Women’s Network tell their stories; articulating structural inequality and illuminating where and how policy needs to be remedied, building a bank of solutions and key […]
WoW aims to bring women together across difference and around their shared goals and the place that they have in common to achieve better outcomes for Women in Wythenshawe. The network aims to achieve as rich and broad a diversity of members as possible including a range of ages, ethnic backgrounds, and different kinds of […]
 A co-produced place-based grant programme to help alleviate gendered poverty within the local community of Middlesbrough. When it started and how long it’ll last: Who it’s funded by: Smallwood Trust, Turn2Us and Buttle UK
This programme targets women across Herefordshire who are at risk of entering the criminal justice system or are already in the system, particularly those facing gender inequality and discrimination and/or violence and abuse. This to be achieved using a combination of paid staff and volunteer/peer mentors to provide 1:1 community-based outreach services needed for women […]
The Gendered Poverty Learning Programme is a capacity-building programme aimed at helping us to more clearly understand how we approach the complex issue of gendered poverty.  This programme provides financial and non-financial support to our current grant partners – all of which are women-led organisations – to tackle local systems of injustice and collaborate to make significant […]
The Women’s Financial Empowerment Fund supported by Barclays is a crucial response to closing the gaps in provision for women on low incomes. This funds nine of Smallwood’s Community Grant Partners (CGPs), frontline organisations delivering vital services. They provide small grants to financially vulnerable women, while at the same time, supporting them with relevant and […]
Birmingham NRPF Women’s Support Network (NRPF Network) works with women who are victims of abuse (domestic violence, coercive control, forced marriages etc.) and who have NRPF, or insecure immigration status, all of which impacts on their financial resilience. The NRPF Network is led by Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid with network partners Roshni Birmingham, Baobab […]
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