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COVID-19 Response: How Smallwood Are Helping Women Directly

During COVID-19, women have faced many challenges including working in sectors most affected by furlough and redundancy, home schooling and additional child care and increased risk and incidences of domestic abuse. We have responded by awarding over 350 grants to women directly applying to Smallwood between March and July 2020.

We have also hired extra staff to help us continue to reach more women as a result of the 200% increase in individual grant applications to Smallwood since the outbreak first hit the UK.

These grants have helped financially vulnerable women in a number of critical ways, including to help pay bills, buy food, pay rent, pay for emergency repairs or to alleviate immediate financial hardship during these difficult times.

Here is just some of the feedback we have received from beneficiaries:

“This grant made such a difference to me and my 6 year old son during lockdown. It enabled me to feel less anxious about work and to be able to feed us and pay bills. The application process was well supported and straightforward.”

“This charity has really helped me. Half of the money paid my council tax and the rest went towards my children and some bills. Really grateful for the help. Thank you so much.”

“The grant helped me out when I needed it the most and when no one else would. I can never express my gratitude enough. Although I have a long long way to go, the Smallwood grant has at least managed to keep a roof over my head for now. Thank you.”

Emma Crump, Head of Evaluation at the Smallwood Trust said, “Demand for our grants is high but we would urge any women facing financial difficulties to check if they are eligible for a grant from Smallwood. If we can’t help we may be able to signpost you to someone who can.”

To find out eligibility and to apply for a grant, visit: https://www.smallwoodtrust.org.uk/flexible-response-fund

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