Local Resilience Fund is Now Open!

Hackney and Newham are the latest focus for a £1 million partnership between City Bridge Foundation and the Smallwood Trust. 

Seeking to focus on women furthest from mainstream support, the aims and priorities of this fund have been co-designed by grassroots organisations run by and/or serving women at the sharp end of structural inequality: those for whom services no longer exist in this climate or never existed in the first place.

The Fund Priority:

The priority will be on supporting organisations who are working with women in gendered poverty from Asylum/refugee and migrant backgrounds who may have additional layers of oppression affecting their lives such as:

  • No Recourse to Public Funds
  • Economic abuse (including unregulated sex or domestic work)
  • Physical and mental abuse
  • Identify as LGBTQI+
  • Caring responsibilities
  • Disability

Getting comfortable with Co-Design

In terms of a learning journey for The Smallwood Trust, the experience of community outreach which then informed the 8 co-design sessions was worth the extra time and resources.  The end-product is richer and more responsive to the good ideas, bold ideas and practical ideas to help simplify and improve funding practice.

To that end, it was decided to split the fund into 2 “pots”:

1) a “Consortium” in each area has been invited to work together to develop joint applications around the strategic area priorities (this is a closed round)

2) “The Uplift Fund”, a one-off open round which will make 4-year grants

Applications are now being invited for the Uplift Fund which will support a maximum of 13 organisations across Hackney and Newham with £420,000 over 4 years. 

Please visit the Local Resilience Fund page to access the full guidance notes, Expression of Interest forms and to sign up for information webinars.

Applications close on 14 June 2024, 5pm

If you have any queries about the Fund or your eligibility, please contact Tessa Dugmore at TessaDugmore@smallwoodtrust.org.uk

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